Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr
(c. 100-c. 165 ce)
   A Christian philosopher, theologian and the most notable of the second-century apologists, Justin, a convert from paganism, came to view Christianity as a more perfect philosophy. His First and Second Apology develop the concept of a logos spermatikos (seminal word) embedded in pagan philosophy that is fulfilled in Christ, who is the Logos of the Father. While defending Christianity as the fulfilment of pagan truth, Justin also defended it against charges of atheism and immorality, and pleaded that Christians be treated with justice. Justin's third extant writing, Dialogue with Trypho, is a fascinating defence of Christian belief to an educated Jew. Here too Justin appeals to the Logos doctrine to defend Christ as the fulfilment of Old Testament revelation. Justin's apologetic approach stands at the head of a tradition coming down to modern exponents such as Paul Tillich that seeks points of contact with non-Christian worldviews. Further, his Logos Christology represents the nascent steps toward a Trinitarian theology that moves beyond the bare confession of scripture. Justin was martyred in Rome.
   Further reading: Barnard 1967; Justin Martyr 1861, 1876-81 and 2003

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